Lent 2021, Three more days

The marathon is still going strong. Don't get this close to the finish line and quit. Also, it's not too late to start. We have to keep our eye on the prize. Even if you haven't stuck to everything you wanted to everyday, don't give up! Keep hope alive! We have to be humble enough to know that we aren't perfect and that we will make mistakes despite our best intentions. However, we also have to forgive ourselves and try and try again. We have to release that guilt that we perceive as failure. It's not failure, it just a set back to help us spring forward. It's like when learning to ride a bike. We start with training wheels and someone pushing us from behind. The next step is taking off the training wheels, but someone still has to push us from the back. There is no feeling like realizing they have let go and you look back and realize you are riding on your own. Then you fall. We get back up again until we are riding so good we do it without hands. Then we ride someone else on the handlebars. Oh, the good ole days!!

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