Lent 2021

If you haven't already, please join us on this journey. It's never too late to arrive at the party as long as you get there before the party ends! The last half of any race is always easier because you can see the finish line. Just like coming down a hill is always easier than going up a hill! Let's go!

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Today I am thankful to be able to help a person that needed help with a utility bill. I wish that I we could provide monetary assistance to everyone who contacts us for help. I am hopeful that one d

I am so glad the snooze button on my alarm did not work this morning. I am thankful for the extra two hours of sleep. Sometimes we don't realize how tired we really are until we get some addition slee

I am thankful for the grocery store worker who took the time to prepare the meat that I wanted. Although he was the only person working in the meat department, he stopped stocking and immediately gav