Lent 2020

Day 20. I hope we are still in this marathon together. I have realized that sometimes it's better to do one thing 100 percent than try to do five things 65 percent. I say this to say even if you have not been able to stick to all of the goals you make for Lent, try to at least do one. Don't beat yourself up and quit the entire process. If you messed up one day, start fresh the next day. We will never be any where close to perfect, all we can do is give it our best shot.

Let today be a recommitment to do at least on thing at 100 percent. I personally have only been able to stick to my goal of giving up not exercising or getting 30 minutes of activity daily. I was beating myself up about not keeping all of the others. I found myself doing them at 65% one day, 10 % another day and 100% on other days. Let us pick out that one thing that requires the most self-discipline, self-sacrifice and self-reflection and stick to that for the next 20 days!

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