Worry Free Wednesday

Today I'm thinking about my childhood all we had to think about was playing, eating, going to school and playing some more. I can't speak for the "city folk". This is for the people born in the "country". Close your eyes and remember running barefoot in the sand, drinking out of the water hose out side and talking on the phone with your best friend eating french fries together! Have that kind of day today because you have earned it.


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Worry-free Wednesday

Don't let anything steal your joy today. Not the alarm clock, not the news, not the weather, not your friends, family or strangers. Not the dog, not the burnt toast, not the cold water in the shower,

Thankful Tuesday

If you are reading this or someone is reading it to you be grateful for another day to make a positive difference in someone's life. We did not make this day, but we should rejoice in it and be glad!

Mindful Monday

Let's start the week off right by being respectful of everybody's time, space and health. Please wear a mask!


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