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Health Care versus Medical(Health) Insurance

Although having medical insurance sounds like having health care, the two are quite different. There are many types of insurances. You can have life, dental, auto, homeowners and long term disability insurances to name a few. Some of which are mandatory in most states. Notice that none of them have the word "care" in them because we know the companies only "care" about the premiums we pay.

Therefore, it is a false equivalency to interchange the words "health care" with the words "health insurance".

Health care is what we receive from the nurses, emt's, doctors and others in the medical field. Medical Insurance is what we pay our enormous amounts of money to the insurance companies for. Health care is a basic human right's issue. To often Medical Insurance is an economics issue.

Health care is what we all should have, but most do not have because of the cost of Medical insurance.

America, as the richest country in the world, why can't we solve this problem?

We should be able to make medical and all of the other types of insurance companies actually mean they "care" when the word 'care" is used with the word insurance. If we do that it would actually mean the companies "care" about us and not just our money.


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