Spring Cleaning, Mind, Body and Soul

Hopefully, we all completed the previous marathon and we kept doing some of the things that we accomplished! Now it's time to do some Spring cleaning. I am not just talking about around the house(although that's probable necessary also)! We have to clean our minds by getting rid of the negativity and replacing it with positivity. Just as we get rid of away things around the house that are no longer beneficial to us, we have to do the same with thoughts in our minds. Just as we disinfect our houses, we have to do the same with our minds. I love for my house to smell clean and fresh with various scents. First, I have to clean it then spray the air fresheners, light candles, and use the reed diffusers. With our mind we have wash away the bad vibes then infuse the new fresh ideas that will lead to better and long lasting deed.

Fresh clean smelling house, fresh new ideas for the mind. We determine how long both last by how often we do the process. If you do it right, the house usually doesn't require as much refreshing as the mind( which should be done daily)!!

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