Mind Renewal Month

Win. As I stated previously, the battle for control starts in the mind. We must control our thoughts because they become our words. The words we speak turn in to habits. Our habits form our lifestyles. The lives we lead become our destiny. If we think negative, we talk negative. The negative words spoken will become destructive action. That action will leave us wandering in the wilderness for forty years on what was meant to be an eleven day journey to the promised land. We must walk in love, not hate. We must speak truth, not lies. We must have FAITH, not fear. This is a second by second process, but we can and will do it. See you in December as we begin our Soul searching!!!

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Mind Renewal Month

Envision. See yourself as your higher power sees you. If you don't like what you see change it. If you think it and believe it, you can be it. Empower. If you don't know what you need to know to achie

Mind Renewal Month

Negate. Write down all the negative thoughts that you have and burn them. Need. After something is burned it becomes ashes that will blown away never to be seen again. We then have no other choice but


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