Lent 2021, Last Day!

We made it! We came this far by faith, prayer and encouragement from each other. But as my favorite singer says, It's over now! Tomorrow morning you "can have whatever you like"(in moderation of course)!!!! Normally, I don't mention any specific religion because I want to be inclusive to everyone and not force my beliefs on anyone. However, for me tomorrow is Easter Sunday and He is risen! The One who bled and died so that I might live. My heart is bursting with thanksgiving and praise. I will not live my life in vain. I will do everything to try to live up do His standards. I will love myself because He first loved me. I will love my neighbor as I love myself. My charity will start at home and spread abroad. I will continue to serve others, because that is my calling. I will continue to work on myself so that I can help uplift others. I will continue to be a "truth maker" and not a "truth faker". I will continue to write this blog, even if no one reads it because it probably helps me as much or more than it helps others. But, if I help one person with my words and deeds it will be worth the time I take to write on here. I will always give it to you straight up no chaser, because that's the way I want it given to me. Join me this month for Spring Cleaning: mind, body and soul!!!

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