Lent 2021, Home Stretch

5 days, yes F-I-V-E days left!!!! Need I say more, hmmm, not really, but I will!

This week I am thinking about gratitude, humility and service. I am so thankful for everyone that has been running this marathon with me. We can't give up now that we are so close. We are literally in the home stretch. I am grateful that I have been allowed to hopefully help others with their struggles while helping myself. I am humbled by the amount of support I get from my inner circle when I need it the most. We should all let go of the prideful spirt that will not allow us to ask for help IF, no WHEN we need it. As I stated previously, pride always goes before a fall. It's better to be humble enough to ask for help than be stubborn enough to think that you never need anyone for any reason. That also goes both ways, we should be able to serve(give advice or help) without condemning or being condescending toward each other. Hopefully, all of this self-reflection and self- discipline is leading us to be able to do that.

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