Have a Heart, Spread some Love

As a tribute to Black History month, I want to tell you about Dr. Daniel Hale Williams.

According to Encyclopedia Brittannica, Dr. Williams performed the first documented, successful heart surgery. After Daniel Hale Williams completed his secondary education at the age of 20, he became an apprentice for a former Wisconsin surgeon general. He studied medicine at the Chicago Medical College. He then opened his practice on the south side of Chicago and soon began teaching anatomy at his old school. Another accomplishment was founding Provident Hospital and Training School for nurses May 4, 1891, the first black owned and interracial hospital. That is just a few of his accomplishments during his illustrious career and life.

As a tribute to Dr. Williams, want us to do more to control heart disease. Often times the heart attack is the first sign of a heart attack. Other signs are pain or discomfort in the chest, jaw, neck or back, weakness, being light headed, having nausea, cold sweats and or shortness of breath.

In keeping with our positive theme of New Year, New You, let's do some of the things that we know will help with not only this, but other health issues as well. Stop smoking, eat a healthy diet, increase activity, lower our cholesterol and high blood pressure.

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