Faithfulness Friday

If you say you are going to do something do it. Be true to your word or promise. Follow through on any all commitments that you make unless there is some unforeseen circumstance. If that happens let the person know what happened. They will respect you more if you let the know what happened than if you just don't say or do anything. Today is International Non-Violence Day( also know as Mahatma Gandhi's birthday). Let us strive to be peaceful and faithful on to another today and always.


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Worry-free Wednesday

Don't let anything steal your joy today. Not the alarm clock, not the news, not the weather, not your friends, family or strangers. Not the dog, not the burnt toast, not the cold water in the shower,

Thankful Tuesday

If you are reading this or someone is reading it to you be grateful for another day to make a positive difference in someone's life. We did not make this day, but we should rejoice in it and be glad!

Mindful Monday

Let's start the week off right by being respectful of everybody's time, space and health. Please wear a mask!


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